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July 4, 2008

Hurricane Katrina-Complete Devastation

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Why do hurricanes have women’s names? I still haven’t figured that one out. Utter devastation in new Orleans. It is a sad story, and very sad to see all these people there suffering and trying to deal with the hurricane that hit the city. (more…)

Shopping on the Internet

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I have been thinking a lot lately. I have been thinking about the whole internet thing. I guess this whole new blog thing has gotten me going. I mean, ever since I started this blog I have been checking out websites many more websites. (more…)

Protect your eyes in the Summer

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Protecting their eyes with sunglasses from the start will reduce the damage they will pay for later in life. I went out the other day, its summer here, and I noticed a ton of people wearing sunglasses. (more…)

Get the Sun away from Your Eyes-Sunglasses

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Its summer here, I went for a walk by the beach and the sun hurt my eyes. I wish I had a pair of sunglasses to war. I did some research online and I found out that anyone who spends an uncommonly large amount of time in the sun should know the advantages of sunglasses. (more…)

Going to shop for Groceries

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One of my favourite foods of all time is lentil soup with stuffed octopus briskets. It is a grate seaside recipe that we all in our family love to make when nearby our sea cottage in the Bahamas. (more…)

Another boring day

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Today is like every other boring day. You wake up and nothing is happening. Well that is usually what Sundays are all about. Sundays are made for rest I guess. If you have a restless spirit then no day is good for resting. (more…)

First Day Blogging

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Today is a great day. It is the first day I started blogging. I have so many things to say, to write about but so little time. I want to start a blog, like a journal of my life. This is very difficult to write for me. (more…)

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